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Cadillac Products Automotive Company Employee Referral Program

Cadillac Products Automotive Company

Employee Referral Program


Cadillac Products Automotive Company is always looking for good people, and you can help. Research has shown, and our own experience supports this, that new hires that come into a company through employee referrals are excellent contributors, stay with the company longer and are a more cost effective recruit.

That’s where you come in! If you know someone who would be a good addition to CPAC and he/she meets the qualifications for an existing open requisition, it may be worth $1000 if you refer him/her for employment and he/she is hired!

Refer candidates who meet the qualifications to Human Resources using the attached Candidate Referral Form. If your candidate is hired you will be eligible to receive $1000.

Eligibility and Participation


  • Candidates are persons not currently employed by CPAC
  • Candidates must follow the application process
  • Candidate must accept an offer for full-time employment into an award-eligible position and must still be employed by CPAC in the position for twelve continuous months in good performance standing

Referring Employee – All full time employees are eligible to receive referral bonuses with the exception of the following:

  • Executive Staff Members
  • All HR Department Employees
  • Williams Family Members
  • Open Position Hiring Manager

Program Rules

  • The referral date cannot be earlier than the date the job requisition is posted. The hiring of a referred employee must occur within 180 days (six months) of the initial referral date.
  • The referral must represent the candidate’s first contact with CPAC. Temporary, summer, contract and former employees of CPAC are not eligible candidates for referral awards.
  • To be eligible for an award, the referrals must first be submitted to Human Resources and must include a Candidate Referral Form and a resume or employment application.
  • The referring employee must agree to have his/her name used for introduction.
  • The first employee to refer a candidate will be the only referring employee eligible for payment.
  • Only candidates who meet the essential qualifications for the position will be considered.
  • All candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with CPAC’s policies and procedures.
  • All information regarding the hiring decision will remain strictly confidential.
  • The referring employee must still be employed by CPAC during the hired candidate’s first twelve months of employment in order to receive payment.
  • Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be handled through Human Resources.
  • All referral bonus payments will be paid twelve months after the referred employee’s 1st day of employment at CPAC.

Referral Bonus Amount

  • Referral bonus payments of $1000 cannot be made until the referred candidate has been employed for a minimum of twelve months. 

The following job opportunity(ies) is(are) eligible for the incentive offered for this  employee referral program.

Process/Launch Engineer (work in Roseville, MI/multiple openings)

Prepare activities necessary to launch assigned new jobs and engineering  changes at budgeted standards; identify, analyze and resolve process problems to improve plant safety, quality and productivity leading to better cycle times, reduced spoilage, improved process capability and increased throughput; evaluate effectiveness of proposed process to ensure optimal manufacturability, adherence to tolerance guidelines, functionality, tool design, machine design, cell layout and safety and ergonomic concerns; coordinate PPAP, PSAs, Run at Rate runs with plant personnel to ensure capable product; and use PFMEA.

Requires Bachelor’s or its foreign educational equivalent plus 12 months experience in the job offered or 12 months experience in an alternate occupation. The required experience must include 12 months using PFMEA.

Send resume to Thomas Torma, Director of Administration, Cadillac Products Automotive Company, 5800 Crooks Road, Suite 100, Troy, MI 48098.