Cadillac Products Automotive Company

Chief Financial Officer – Corporate

General Scope of Responsibility: The CFO focuses on the budgeting and strategic planning process, protects the company’s financial position in dealings with customers and suppliers, develops and maintains relationships with funding sources and oversees the process of developing and communicating the financial statements.


  • Lead discussion with Executive Staff regarding financial and general business issues and policies.  Ensure proper actions are taken to address identified needs.
  • Safeguard the company’s finances in dealings with customers and suppliers.  Seek opportunities to reduce costs, how to measure savings and ensure attained when feasible.
  • Lead the preparation of the annual Profit Plan, from development of the sales forecast through bottom-line results.  Ensure timely distribution of final Profit Plan to Board of Directors and Senior Managers.  Present Profit Plan and other pertinent information to Board of Directors for approval.  Monitor progress to plan and share results with CEO and Senior Managers.
  • Lead the preparation of the annual Strategic Plan.  Ensure timely distribution of final plan to Board of Directors and Senior Managers.  Present plan and other pertinent information to Board of Directors for approval.  Schedule review meetings to monitor progress to plan with CEO and Senior Managers.
  • Stay on top of long-range economic trends and projects company prospects for future growth in overall sales and market share, and analyzes opportunities for acquisitions or expansion into new product areas. Evaluate new product opportunities in conjunction with New Products Manager.
  • Manage staff effectively to meet company objectives.  Ensure training and development of all employees overseen.
  • Oversee the accuracy and timeliness of the company’s accounting, both on a monthly and annual basis.  Ensure that the year-end audit is completed efficiently without significant surprises.  Oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of financial policies promoting a productive and safe workplace.
  • Act on behalf of Cadillac Products Automotive Company concerning financial matters whenever Corporate level interface is required.  
  • Oversee Cadillac Products Automotive Company treasury activities minimizing interest and financing expense while maximizing interest earned and cash available.

The above statements are intended to describe the essential functions and related requirements of persons assigned to this job. They are not intended as an exhaustive list of all job duties, responsibilities and requirements.

QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Work Experience, etc.):

  1.  Bachelor’s degree in accounting or bachelor’s degree and equivalent experience in accounting or finance;           
  2.  CPA certification or equivalent knowledge of financial auditing processes and tax law;
  3. Minimum of 10 years of progressive & relevant accounting & finance experience, including responsibility for financial reporting in a multi-plant manufacturing company.  A minimum of 5 years of senior level accounting and finance experience.  A minimum of 5 years experience in automotive sector to understand unique requirements and trends;
  • Strong analytical skills, able to combine theoretical knowledge and data in complex spreadsheets;
  • Strong communication skills, able to lead meetings, make presentations and represent company in dealings within and outside the company.


Masters degree in business or finance preferred.


The Chief Financial Officer assumes primary Financial Leadership throughout the Corporation.  He/she must establish and maintain mutual cooperation with all activities/departments/plants to assure effective and efficient financial performance.

As member of Executive Staff, the CFO represents the company within and outside the company and must provide leadership and vision to support the company’s directives.  

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