Cadillac Products Automotive Company


General Scope of Responsibility:  Manages the extrusion processes & preparation activities necessary to launch assigned new jobs and existing parts at rate and 100% quality.  Also, has lead engineering responsibility for providing support to production needs related to extrusion such as resolving process problems and improving safety, quality, and productivity on assigned programs and processes.


  • Responsible for the processes related to cast extrusion at RVP. (Extrusion, Lamination, Winding, Grinding, Resin Conveyance).
  • Assists with the set-up or running of new jobs or plant engineering trials as required.
  • Performs tool modification or maintenance as required.
  • Responsible for major expenses and wear item inventory related to extrusion.
  • Inspect, track and analyze extrusion screws and barrels.
  • Assists with process development effort to develop optimal cell layout, work instructions, process flow layout, and set-up procedures, while adhering to safety, quality, and productivity protocols.
  • Coordinates internal engineering trials for PPAP’s, PSA’s, Run at Rates, etc.
  • Assists with launches through development and engineering of new or changed products.
  • Accomplishes the above tasks through compliance with the plant’s Advanced Planning Quality Procedures (APQP).

Continuous Improvement:

  • Develops documentation as described in IATF16949 manuals as plant responsibilities.
  • Identifies and resolves process improvements by exceeding budgeted cycle times, reducing budgeted spoilage, improving process capability, increasing throughput, and improved set-ups.
  • Develops and employs troubleshooting guidelines and best practices.
  • Provides training for all new and existing process and manufacturing systems.
  • Assists production floor as process expert by utilizing troubleshooting, diagnosis, debugging, and other technical skills to keep production lines running at peak efficiency.
  • Performs cause analysis, and corrective action implementation on assigned customer complaints or internal failures.
  • Meets with customers and vendors when necessary.
  • Performs job safety analysis as required and implementation of assigned corrective actions.

Lean Engineering/Manufacturing:

  • Applies lean engineering tools with value stream mapping, SMED, Standardize work method, etc. to improve assigned process.

*The above statements are intended to describe the essential functions and related requirements of persons assigned to this job.  They are not intended as an exhaustive list of all job duties, responsibilities and requirements

QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Work Experience, etc.):

Minimum [Must have to be considered for the position]: 

  • High school diploma or equivalent and, 4 years industrial experience as a technician.
  • An understanding of cast film extrusion processes and ability to troubleshoot them.
  • Experience or training using computer systems and software (MSOffice, Windows Operating Systems).


  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Experience with thermoforming processes.
  • A working knowledge of plant processes.
  • A level 2 understanding of SPC.
  • The ability to perform Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Design of Experience (DOE’s).
  • Ability to plan and organize.
  • Ability to effectively solve problems.
  • Ability to reach closure on assigned tasks within suspense dates.
  • Some knowledge of industrial controls.


  • The Extrusion Process Technician (EPT) works closely with, and often serves as support to a number of different departments and personnel. As a result, and in order to achieve optimum effectiveness, the EPT must maintain a positive, cooperative relationship with various departments/individuals and must be responsive to their needs.
  • The EPT interacts with all levels of the organization, i.e., with operators through senior managers.  To be effective, the EPT must be sensitive to, and cooperatively blend the needs and goals of the various levels of the organization with the common denominator of ‘achieving organizational objectives’, i.e., effective launches, safety, quality, productivity, cost reduction, and positive employee/ employer relations.
  • Finally, in the role of a problem solver, the EPT must remain objective and be able to make recommendations based on facts, regardless of whether those recommendations are popular. The EPT must take ownership of the processes to which they are assigned and be accountable for all related machines.

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