Cadillac Products Automotive Company

Providing a wide variety of plastics and
parts for today’s automotive industry.
Acoustics are the unsung
hallmark of a quality vehicle.
Fuel efficiency is in the forefront of
every automotive manufacturers mind.
See what our award winning SOUNDLOC™
Acoustical Water Shield Barrier can do for you.
Our manufacturing capabilities and
material options are extensive.

Automotive Solutions

Cadillac Products is an internationally recognized leader in the plastics converting industry, with a well-earned reputation for designing, developing and manufacturing creative and cost effective products.

Cadillac Products Automotive Company provides a wide variety of protective plastic, exterior and interior acoustical parts and door watershields, to service the diverse needs of today’s automotive industry. Due to our integrated manufacturing processes and capabilities, we have earned numerous quality awards, full-service supplier status, and most important, the reputation as an innovative solutions provider.

Since 1942, when Cadillac Products was formed to meet the urgent needs of World War II, we have been putting our talent, energy and dedication to work for our customers. From materials and processing options, to design and development, we can create a cost-effective solution for your needs.