Due to our integrated manufacturing processes and capabilities, we have earned numerous quality awards, full-service supplier status and the reputation as an innovative solutions provider, always ready to serve you!

We Handle it All

We are your one-stop-shop without the middle man, providing you with excellent customer service and a level of comfort that not only helps make your personal or corporate business ventures thrive, but one that you deserve. Unlike our competitors who ship out different parts of their manufacturing processes to second or third party vendors around the globe, we operate all under one roof. With us, you don’t have to worry about where your parts are coming from.

100% American Made from Start to Finish

Our full-service processing facilities manufacture our all-American made products from start to finish. With top-notch equipment and high levels of investment toward manufacturing and automation robotics, our quality materials help generate sales that surpass $50 million on an annual basis.

Manufacturing facilities are registered to IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 14001:2015.


Cast and blown film extrusion using a variety of materials for specific applications. Plastic resin pellets are turned into rolls of plastic sheet for later processing.

Adhesive Application

We apply different types of adhesive using robotically controlled dispensing tools. These adhesives have different material properties and are chosen based on customer and application requirements.

Designing Prototype

Our in-house prototyping design capabilities provide customers with verification of proof-of-concept in a matter of days, allowing CPAC to serve as a one-stop-shop to maximize efficiency and budget.

Custom Injection Molding

Our injection molding machines have unique systems that allow them to produce parts outside of conventional injection molding.


Affix various types of pads, fibers and foams to plastic substrates depending on product needs. Our custom automation can carry out pre-assembly tasks to streamline operations.


Thermoforming heats up plastic and molds it over a cooled tool to set the shape. Cold forming folds and stretches the plastic at room temperature to put pockets and other forms into plastic.

Die & Water Jet Cutting

Steel rule dies cut out exact shapes of plastic and material combinations based on product needs. Water jet cutting consists of high pressure water in a small diameter stream used to cut out shapes programed on robots.


In-house, third-party certified laboratory with extensive testing and monitoring equipment.


A leading supplier in the automotive industry, our full-service processing facilities manufacture our all-American made products from start to finish. With top-notch equipment and high levels of investment toward manufacturing and automation robotics technologies, we’re here to supply you with low-cost solutions, quality applications and ultimate construction to meet all your Acoustic (Interior and Exterior), Underbody and Underhood needs.


Thermoset resin impregnation of a fiber mat.


Synthetic shoddy fiber mat for Wheel Liner applications.

Molded Fiber

Generic molded PET or shoddy fibers.


<130C synthetic shoddy fiber mat.


A filled EVA acoustic resin.

Die Cut

Flat PET, PP or cotton shoddy fiber


Thermoset impregnation of a fiber mat containing glass fiber.


EVA Barrier with fiber decoupler using patented seal technology around sheet metal openings.

Thin Wall Hybrid Molding

Variable thickness, thin wall capable injection molding.


Impregnated mat containing natural fibers.


Dissipative multi-layer, hard shell, Synthetic or Cotton Shoddy Acoustical Product


Economical air, dust and moisture barrier providing chemical & corrosion resistance


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